Five Minutes with the Board: David Lee – Chair

David Lee.jpegLives in: Voorhees, New Jersey

School/college: University of Alabama

Day job: Business Banker, Bank of America

Board Member since: September 2011

Other volunteer work: In the past, worked with Ally Pond Environmental Center (New York City), Boy Scouts of America (NYC), Senior Center in Queens County writing RFPs to the Department for Aging (NYC) and the State Office for the Aging

Dream job: High school janitor in New Jersey—apparently, they make a ton of money!

Favorite sport or game: Any sport that does not need a judge (like figure skating or synchronized swimming) to decide who wins

Recent favorite book: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

First job: Delivered the New York Daily News in sixth grade

What’s your favorite Olympic sport? Again, a sport which does not involve judges to determine winners

How did you get involved in the Partnerships for America? I became interested while attempting to induce Bank of America to commit donation to Partnerships for America.

What do you think the Partnerships’ greatest strength is? This organization has very talented and dedicated individuals. They readily cover up my indolence and shortcomings.  And what’s yours? My personal strength is a 20/20 hindsight, as well as my uncanny ability to point out the obvious.

Something important your parents taught you: My mother taught me the value of hard work and diligence. My father taught me to navigate a sailboat. Together, they taught me to fear and love the Lord above all else.

Something you want to teach others: That the paramount of human achievement is altruism, and that good can overcome any evil.


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